What’s on my mind

A lot goes in and out of this thing up here. I sometimes sit still, letting it all pass by, distancing myself from them and acting mere spectator. Yoga? Meditation? Call it what you may.

What I see usually surprises me, most is what I know I will, some I am glad they do come up. This was one of those times I let them gallop by, and instead of letting them pass by, I put a pen to them.

Thanks to a beauty by Wordle at http://www.wordle.net/ I learnt a lot about myself.

Wordle: SecondIris

Images of Wordles are licensed Creative Commons License.


    1. Hello indeed, Dear potatoPen. I’ve been here only, in my comfortable cyber space, for a while. Went through a major writer’s block, as you may see from the dated posts. But hey, new year, new me. Read along and let me know what you think. 🙂 with the little I’ve read at your corner, I know what you mean by that surreal connect. Cheers to that.


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