The Other Second Iris

It started off pretty young, I guess. Back in the days of rationed 36 films per roll, I squandered the God’s dough carelessly, shooting the local cows and crows. Fascinating models for an amateur. They believed in me I guess (No, not the cows, silly), for never once did I hear a word of restraint.

Times moved me to greener pastures and armed with a haughty confidence. Pushed and prodded by an alter ego, I acquired a few mean machines. I continue to forge the world for other such arms, that can make me better at it.

Novice I am, for mountains I have yet to conquer. If you see that something in me, or believe that a spark is missing, be vocal, speak up. You might stop me from doing things drastic, for I am quite prone to it.

Click on, hang in, Live Hard!!

The Other Second Iris

All photographs are copyright. Make sure you drop me a note before thinking a step further than that.


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