Day 14: Of resting and relaxing

Today was a very productive day. Spent about 14 hours in bed. The evening leading up to Monday was hectic. Squeezed in some gardening, cleaning and cooking.

Can I have a longer weekend, please?

Weekend come, weekend go. But why is the garden in the middle of the house?” Scotch 




Day 13: Of sustainability and old pals


I was at a wonderful conference, in a beautiful campus, lush green and yet in the city. Bhoomi College and Prakriya Green Wisdom school gave some life mission about the place that I eventually want to open on my own.

The conversation with Derrick Jensen at the start of the day was very inspiring. There is a group of revolutionaries, working parallel to all governments and policies, that are actually concerned about the environment and impact of man’s greed on it. As the number in this group grows, there might be a saving grave for this generation after all. Ask the planet, or anybody around you, ‘What does it feel like to be you?’, and with that answer you will build empathy for the soul around. Powerful!

With the clay statues at Bhoomi

Small world

Who should come sit next to me but a friend of SP! As we got talking about each other and she told me about her TFI past, I asked if she knew him and she roared ‘Oh! I love Surya! ‘. That’s how I want people to remember me. Life goals indeed.


Dear Fiona

Lost acquaintances

I last saw her in 2005, when we left for our respective postings at TCS. Now when I saw her, sitting by herself, having tea, it was like the years had suddenly vanished and we were back at that sodden ILP in Bhubaneshwar.

Shiuli and I

We caught up on our lives and she seemed like my soul sister. Went through the same phase of utter disinterest in the field, quit for a year to try other things. She, unfortunately, had to go back since she out down some roots that needed upkeep.

A good thing I didn’t, eh?

For fun and tribal learning

I also met this fun gang of interns from a company called Selco, working on creating content for tribal students in Odisha. Doing good while enjoying their way. While one spoke about her confusions about what to do next and the life she had at Isha Home School, the other fingered out the 4-finger technique to eat with the hand. Great company.

Looks like you had a lot of fun and met interesting people, S. When do I go on a confluence for dogs?” Scotch