Day 77: Snooze festĀ 

Formal Welcome Session for the Swiss team:

  • Started 40 minutes late, because we’re Indians.
  • The organizing professor was stuck in traffic even 20 minutes after the event was supposed to begin.
  • The Dean of the International Affairs Office left a Swiss student in tears, because she ignored her when asking every visiting student a question.
  • The Dean of the International Affairs Office bordered on being a racist by ignoring the above-said student because she was of Indian origin. That’s a two-in-one shot at racial profiling.

Logistics and Configurations:

  • Indians are not as tech-savvy as the world is made to believe. The IT department of this leading University, in the Silicon Valley of the country, could not set up a Guest WiFi configuration that actually worked.
  • We give undue attention to tea breaks, and snack breaks, and lunch breaks. It seems like between lunch and dinner we are talking about what we ate and are planning for what to eat.
  • The Swiss pronounce WiFi as ‘Weee-feee’. Teehee!

Evening Cultural Program:

  • Started 40 minutes late.
  • The department that had the auditorium booked for the slot before us was fashionably late. It was chaired by a Father, and when I told him about the foreign students gathering were waiting, he asked me to show them some Bharatnatyam mudras to engage them.
  • The performing arts teams did a wonderful job. I still stand by my belief that this uni is great for cultural activities: beats NITT of my time any day.
  • I still have it in me to MC for an event and not sound silly. *Pat pat*

At the end of the day, every delay and every transgression is forgotten after a crazy round of dancing. Fun! Buoy where we all ready for dinner!

Just listening to your story about all these delays and waiting makes me want to go Uggggh! How did you even put up with it all, S?”