Day 41: More arguments 

No, worry not. Scotch and I did not fight any more. We found a very amicable solution to her nibbling rubbish from the roads. You’ll find out soon enough how I had my way, while Scotch did her entire morning walk stick between my knees in embarrassment.

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Day 37: Councils

I worry for some of the young kids in the student council that I’m a part of. The big, wide, world out there is so different from the little bubble called university that they are all used to that they might be not realize what hit them for quite a while.

I was at a council meeting today and the classic don’ts of a meeting were all around. We jumped from one topic to another with no end to any. We cut each other short before the other had even put their point across. Our response to one’s question was an absolutely unrelated, entirely different point altogether. We were busy settling our skills and services, where it was established that we had all gone through the same selection process and had all been deemed competent. They were some that did not even attempt to join the conversation while a few hogged the floor.

I walked out of the meeting criteria about the huge task ahead of the teachers. Or do they not care about these soft skill aspects of growing up and let the students just learn it the hard way?

Kids these days. They rant aloud even before they think it through. I know!” Scotch 

Day 15: Of advice and presentations


The day started with some genuine advice asking me to maintain a low profile until I graduate. ‘They can do anything to your marks and your degree. So keep your opinions to yourself’, she warned me. Can I really stop being the vocal me for the sake of marks and a degree? Is that how a revolution ever came up and about?


Did a solo presentation to the Economics class, about the student council and the upcoming selections. The HOD stopped by after the presentation and congratulated me on a job well done. That was some boost for a day, and a week, that started out miserably.

“Is this why you’re tired and won’t go out and play with me? Cheer up now or I’ll have to keep sleeping. ” Scotch


Snooze fest