Day 112: Arguing with a fool makes it two 

To share or not to share

SilverGhoster and his classmates are weird. Period. For students getting an. MBA degree, especially in Educational Leadership, they seem to be a little immature in certain aspects. I remember having a similar conversation with GardenMan and his Senior, but these were u degrade kids in their second year. Not experienced professionals pursuing a professional degree, and heading off to lead institutions.

The bone of contention? Class notes, should one share them or not. I have always related to the concept of Open Source over proprietary software even when working. I believe that knowledge should be out in the open, available for those capable to make the most of it. And by reading the notes that you took in a class, if another is able to score more marks than you, what does it truly say about your preparation?

I take my notes online, on a OneNote, and the notebooks are shared with my classmates; well, both of them. At the end of the first semester, they themselves realized that using another’s to study us only so effective, and it’s more beneficial to take your own notes. Even now A uses my notes online but as a guide for last minute preparation.

It reinforces my thought, that when you put all your cards out there, people realize that their own limitations would stop them from making the most out of what you shared. And you eventually come out being the smarter one. Because we all know that when you argue with a fool, that automatically makes it two.

It is also well known that the one that doesn’t share his bread with the doggo is the fool. So, can you? Now please?” Scotch 


Day 30: Of mistakes loved ones make

The area that I live in is a nightmare for doggie walks. There is an eatery every 3 feet and no human that eats there knows how to keep his food in his plate. So I’m left with a dog that is constantly sniffing and gobbling up food dropped on the ground. No amount of training can teach a Labrador not to eat food, I hear.

Scotch knows how much this irks me and has found her smart ways of getting around. The minute she smells something wonderful, she’ll squat as if to take a leak, only to munch on all the yummiest, while I let go of my guard thinking she’s just doing her business. Today, scotch gobbled up a mouthful of some spilt food while I was looking around for cars. This pissed me enough to make me smack her on her mouth with the leash.

I repented it almost immediately. And as I walked back to the apartment, asking her a sorry every step of the way, I thought of all the parents that beat their children to correct truancy. Scotch is not even my blood and my blood boils when I beat her (those rare occasions when I do). I cannot fathom the logic parents hold to beat their children to behave. Wouldn’t they feel more guilty than accomplished? Wouldn’t the purpose of the rebuke seem too trivial compared to the pain they just inflicted on their own? How would one justify causing pain to another that they love, in the name of love?

“Us dogs are very forgiving, S. Worry not. But that spicy chowmein I gobbled does seem to have given me an upset stomach. Can we go for a walk again?” Scotch 

I know it’s midnight. But can we go for a walk, pretty please? 

PS: Lasted a whole month of journaling. And this had been fun. Let’s keep em coming!