Day 74: Teaching sisters-to-be

I miss the Thursday escapades in Bethany Special School. Since we’ve completed our planned two month stint there, we moved to a different assignment and as my luck would have it, we’re off to teach Computer literacy to a group of Sisters and nuns in training. Remember the punctuation first meeting?

From get go, I was shocked at how disorganized the whole thing was, because SrA was more concerned about building up the paper pile than getting work done. We eventually started, 30minutes late, and I realized that we had a task ahead of us. Some of these girls, sorry sisters, were touching a keyboard and a mouse for the first time in their lives. We had to start from pointing to the parts of a computer and move up.

They were all extremely eager to learn and keen. They listened to us like children and giggled when they had a word typed. The little pleasures of being a teacher were clear.

There’s a definite cracking between SrA and me, and that is showing by the day. I could sense a lot of the disconnect through the session, and it was obvious that A would be the meat and us the bun. SrA and I are clearly poles apart. She’d sweet talk anybody to get a favor; I’ll dig my own grave by calling a spade just that. She uses her religion as a handicap to procure little goodies along the way; it’s that system of unwarranted reservation that irks me about our policies. She will sit back and let another do her job for her; my self-respect would rather have me pull a nightouter than have another do my job. Poles apart.

You and I are also poles apart, S. I like to laze and relax, while you like to steer that wheel and zoom by. And yet, we’re good pals, no? Maybe SrA can be the shower to your doglife!” Scotch 

Day 46: Quiet Cracks


We walked into the Special School today and immediately knew something was amiss. An eerie silence had replaced the usual cacophony of bawling and yelling. Turned out that the whole school had driven over to the main school, to do a stage rehearsal of the skit. I was excited and dejected, all in one. We hadn’t seen a single rehearsal this far and were hoping we’d see them practice today. Turns out we’ll directly see our skit performed on stage.

With the kids gone, and no constant questions from Jeslyn to worry about, we got a lot of work done on the props today. We colored the car, cut out the scooter, colored its tyres and the seat. I even managed to make little number plates for both before the kids came back from practice, jumping with excitement.

Mum had donated 7 of her sarees that were never getting worn but were presentable. I brought it to the loom so the kids could do their magic and give me 2 big carpets. I’m looking forward to their call in September to pick up my finished product.


There was an underlying cold air amidst the three of us through the whole day. While we were able to keep some of the differences aside and work professionally, it was clear that there was a crack in the China and no amount of mending could fix it.

I drove with Ms. RS to college earlier today and caught her up on the Religion’s drama. Having been an alumni of the same program that I am in, she was able to relate to similar issues in her senior batch, her own batch and her junior batch too. I remember, AA was frustrated by the time he reached the 4th semester, and couldn’t wait for the ordeal to be over. Would I be in a similar state in half a year too?

All these data got the two of us wondering if the teachers in the department were catalysts to these discernments in a huge way. A majority of the teachers here are catholics, in a catholic institution, teaching sisters like SrA every year. Say what you might but there’s only so much objectivity they can bring in. Teachers definitely pick favorites early on, their little caddies to run their errands and play administrative staff. I remember this from school too: the popular kids that ran behind teachers with their bags and books. Would you really grade you caddy poorly and continue to expect him to pick up after you?

When bound by their duty to their profession and to their religion, what would the teachers pick first? There lies one key problem in our secular, but not so secular, education system.

Sigh! Why are you so caught up in this religion blah, S? 

Relax. Do your karma. Give me some food. The rest will follow.” Scotch