Day 38: Broken hand 

I took the day off to visit the doc and mend my hand. Turns out I have tendor synovitis, inflamed ligaments around the wrist. And it had to be the right hand! Turns out a cut down on the laptop, mobile phone and driving is due. I’m in a splint for 10 days and suddenly the right hand seems indispensable.

I’m already lamenting the upcoming mid semester examinations and the 2 hours’ superb of wrist ache that I have to endure. While I disapprove of summative evaluations for even school – level grades, it seems the most pointless for professional degrees like the MA and the B. Ed. As prospective teachers and administrators, there has to be a better way of proving your learning practically, then replicating psychological theories and philosophical discourses on pages. In the last year, I’ve seen a few too many students of English literature who cannot even rid themselves of their regional accent, or speak a grammatically correct sentence, and the state of their students in the future worries me.

For such teachers, a more appropriate evaluation would be an actual class conducted, or a training facilitated, as opposed to a written exam. After all, in LSRW, writing is the last skill typical taught, isn’t it? (that’s an entirely different rant for another day)

“A broken hand, you say? Could it be the mad leash pulling that I do when we’re out for a walk? No, right?” Scotch 

The breeze, aah the breeze.