Day 72: Crazy neighbor

The short trip to Coimbatore drew to a close and Scotch and I drove back. The original plan was to bring folks along. But they’re going to follow us by train a few weeks down. So it’s just the two of us wandering souls again. 

This crazy neighbor dog is keeping me up at night. Let’s go back to bangalore already, S” Scotch 


Day 40: Arguments 

Scotch and I had a major argument today morning. Remember I spoke earlier about her constantly scavenging during our morning walks? Today was a nightmare. There were mounds of spilt noodles and dosas for her to gorge on. Her nose did not leave the street for a second, and my already broken wrist hurt twice as much with her lugging me along. She enjoyed a crunchy bone, while I smacked her on the nose for picking it off the street. Clearly, none of my retribution had any effect on her. We had a little tug of war at the front entrance, where she tried to pull me back to the street for more delicacies. I won!

Like I’d said before, by the time we climbed up the two stories I had lost all my anger and I was already oozing with guilt. Guilty me thought she was really hungry, hence the scavenging, and pulled out four slices of bread. I left it on the counter top to attend a call and as I walked back, little lady was already up on her twos, gobbling one slice after another. That did it for me!

Another smack on the nose was all she got for breakfast today. That, and the noodles from the road. I got ready for college in silence, completely ignoring her while she tried to cozy up my feet. I almost slammed the door behind me, not worrying to say goodbye. We usually have an elaborate goodbye session, where she gives me a huggie and a kissie and a high-five and promises to be a good girl, but that’d be pointless today anyway.

I went about the busy day as usual, and she crept into my mind only as I was driving back. Would she remember our argument from the morning? Would she chew my ears off for not giving her breakfast? Would she have called the Animal Welfare services by now? Should I pick up a Sorry Card?

She didn’t even wait for me to open the door completely. The minute she knew I was back, she jumped out, the usual goofing around, and welcoming me back. It was like the morning argument did not happen at all. It was like I was her beshtest friend in the whole wow world and she missed me immensely. I was special.

If only human relationships were like puppy relationships. They forget arguments as quickly as they gobble up food. They have only love and more love to give you. Pet any streetie for a day and he’ll wag his tail every time you walk by. Feed him for a week, and he’ll take the bullet for you. It’s humans, and our bloated egos, and our heightened self – worth that makes life such a strain to live in. All of us need to take doggie 101 lessons, today!

What argument? I only remember the yummy scezhuan noodles, and the chicken kebab, and the smell of this new dog in town.

Ooh! Are you making my dinner? Can I nuzzle up against you till you’re done?” Scotch 

While this is a recreated, staged image, she did snuggle up against my feet. I had to move to get to my phone. 🙂