Day 29: Of government offices and bread! 

Government offices

Remember my earlier crib about the horrible state of the service industry in India? I wrote about it here. If I had two cents to complain about the bad service the packers provided, the government office I visited today would take away all my money. I went to a Bangalore One, the state government’s solution for combining all services provided to the consumer in one place. It’s the one place to pay your electricity and water bills, hand in your property tax and get government IDs done. It’s the one place where nothing works at all.

In today’s digital age, with the Prime Minister egging us all towards Digital India, here’s a classic case of retrogression. You can get your ID card made only by taking a special token, which is handed out only once a month, between 8 am and 9 am on that special day. Even if you managed to get a token, which would give you a date and time for the appointment, services on that day are done on a first come first served basis. At your allotted appointment hour, there will be a herd of applicants who did not waste their time picking up a token, but just showed up to get stuff done. The ‘manager’ of the center chats up with these non-scheduled applicants every few minutes, and squeezes them into the line. If you smiled nicely at the lady doing your biometrics, she’ll probably bump you up the list too.

Sniff! The fools that wait in queue for their turn shall wait until their hair turns grey.


Keto bread, crunchy and yum! 

There’s only one way to get rid of all the anxiety and the ill will that builds up after such a visit – bake! I managed to beat up a nice bread battery without a proper blender in hand. The temporary arrangements worked and we have bread. Thanks to Keto connect for their wonderful recipe. It’s definitely a must try for all those on the keto diet and missing bread.

That bread does smell amazing. Can you be careless now and let it slip? I’d love to taste it for you” Scotch 

And the seed is sown.

Update: Just noticed that this post has more content in the PS and PPS’s than the main body. Interesting.!!

Me: Of Vadis and vadaams..?

Him: : P  Not good. Any other names?

Me: Hmm…how about “Bhaakris, Kootus and Us”..?

Him: hee hee…dud head….

Me:  Well…I got the tag line figured out… It should be “Saoji, tacchimam and everything in between”

Him: LOL…Nice Idea….


PS: Vadaams : Integral part of an trusty tamil meal. They are crispy, side dishes and some variations of it look like this and this.

Bhaakri : A rustic, Marathi form of the roti or naan prepared with millets ( Ok, don’t beat me up; A bhaakri is a bhaakri, I know). I found a very authentic recipe of a bhakri here.

Koottu : Courtesy wikipedia, is a tamil dish, made of vegetable and lentils and is semi-solid in consistency. Can’t beat Aayis’ version here.

Sauji : I hear this is a mutton preparation typical of Nagpur, Maharashtra. You tend to come out of Sauji eateries, red eyed, nose dripping and lips still smacking. On my list of to-dos. Will link you guys to it if I find a decent one on the net.

tacchimam : Well, if you were born in a tambrahm household, you already know what I am talking about. If you are blessed with them as friends, you also know what am referring to too. No, it is not just curd rice, and calling it just that is a spite that I choose to take very seriously.

PPS: Talk about passion and work and mixing the two together! A very interesting paper here, that I bumped into while trying to put together the best definition for a vadaam.