Day 74: Teaching sisters-to-be

I miss the Thursday escapades in Bethany Special School. Since we’ve completed our planned two month stint there, we moved to a different assignment and as my luck would have it, we’re off to teach Computer literacy to a group of Sisters and nuns in training. Remember the punctuation first meeting?

From get go, I was shocked at how disorganized the whole thing was, because SrA was more concerned about building up the paper pile than getting work done. We eventually started, 30minutes late, and I realized that we had a task ahead of us. Some of these girls, sorry sisters, were touching a keyboard and a mouse for the first time in their lives. We had to start from pointing to the parts of a computer and move up.

They were all extremely eager to learn and keen. They listened to us like children and giggled when they had a word typed. The little pleasures of being a teacher were clear.

There’s a definite cracking between SrA and me, and that is showing by the day. I could sense a lot of the disconnect through the session, and it was obvious that A would be the meat and us the bun. SrA and I are clearly poles apart. She’d sweet talk anybody to get a favor; I’ll dig my own grave by calling a spade just that. She uses her religion as a handicap to procure little goodies along the way; it’s that system of unwarranted reservation that irks me about our policies. She will sit back and let another do her job for her; my self-respect would rather have me pull a nightouter than have another do my job. Poles apart.

You and I are also poles apart, S. I like to laze and relax, while you like to steer that wheel and zoom by. And yet, we’re good pals, no? Maybe SrA can be the shower to your doglife!” Scotch 

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