Day 32: Dog eaters and Occupational Therapists 

Dog eaters

We had an interesting conversation over tea today. My classmate is from Manipur (a state in the northeast of India) and we got talking about how some tribes in the north east eat dog meat. A lot of furore has been created by home pets allegedly getting abducted by northeasterners in the city, to satisfy their tribal desires. I ranted furiously about the insanity behind the thought of eating a dog. Just the thought is extremely absurd.

She calmly defended her neighbors and their choices by pointing out to me other meats that we all eat anyway and how some in our very own country might find that absurd. A lot of us love to pet our fluffy rabbits while a major population enjoys it as a delicacy. An entire race treats the pig as a wicked creature, while different parts of the animal are staple in many countries around the world. And let’s not even get into the discussion about ‘the holy cow’. If we are able to digest the thought of that difference of opinion, then why does it become difficult for us to accept that some cultures do eat those cuddly, and cute dogs? What is a pet for you might be food for another, just like your farm rearing a cow.

For once, I did not have an answer to that argument. The very thought irks me. But I do not have a justification to defend my thought. If you are liberal and want humanity to live for its roots and purpose, then it should be absolutely fine for a remote tribe in Nagaland to eat dog meat.

I see what the vegans’ stand for. Where do you draw the line on which fellow creature is a cuddly pet while which one ends up on your plate.

Occupational Therapists

The trip to the Special school was wonderful, as always. We are excited about the skit that we’ve drafted for the children to act out at their annual play. End of July will be fun. After our usual discussions, we observed a few sessions with the Occupational Therapists.

She specifically works with autistic kids and those with cerebral palsy. It is moving to see her train her students to do some basic things like standing and walking, things we take for granted.

One child, Mareen, doesn’t know how to jump. Something every child learns automatically, something that is learnt early on, and we, as adults never think twice about, is an entirely new concept to her. Her psychomotor skills are so regressed that her brain does not understand the simple fact that your feet can leave the ground and you won’t fall.
As the therapist taught her over and over to throw a sand bag as far as her little might could, I thought of how much patience the therapist has to work with this child. When our normal child asks the third question in a row, we shut her down and move on. And here are children that need to be told over and over again, and still they’d forget.


Occupational therapy and all is wonderful, but what do you mean people eat dog meat? People actually eat my long lost kind? 

My life is in danger and you’re giving me a bath instead? Where are your priorities, Crazy lady! ” Scotch 

Bathing dogs should be illegal, just like eating dogs should be.

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