Day 16: Of minorities and handicap

It is really disheartening to see people use their religion and religious choices as a handicap, a crutch to rest on and derive benefits from. When getting admitted into a Christian university, I anticipated some amount of bias towards those of a similar religious affiliation. Until I walked in, I’d known only sisters and nuns like Mother Teresa and expected them all to be saintly.

The college has change my perceptions on that entirely. I’m all up for waiting for a slow learner in class and ensuring their up to speed. But using their inabilities as an excuse to take away learning experiences from others is just pretty unfair. In a democracy, irrespective of your religious affiliates or minority status everybody deserves an equal vote. And the majority determines the way forward.

Rant, rant, rant. You do realize that it’s the age of the weak? And if you didn’t support the weak, then how would you differentiate yourself from the right wing ideologies? 

Can we go for a walk and get some fresh air,  instead?”  Scotch

Sniff! Can we go now, please? 

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